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Commercial Boiler Repairs in London

CPS Gas offer annual commercial gas inspections to help ensure your commercial gas boiler installation in London is operating in a safe and efficient way, which is crucial for any business to keep costs down and maintain your safety, your staff and any visitors to your premises. We also update your Gas Safety records which are required by law for any commercial gas installation.

  • A comprehensive visual and mechanical inspection to make sure your commercial boiler is in compliance with all Gas Servicing installation & Use Regulations with a full inspection carried out on each and every component from pilot light to the protective case.
  • Safety check of the flue for any potential leaking gas
  • Performance check of the boiler itself and a full combustion check to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Routine service work on the appliance itself in keeping with the manufacturer’s preferred methods. This may also involve any necessary cleaning, adjustment and lubrication on crucial parts of the commercial boiler
  • A tightness and pressure check on the gas installation piping and metering devices
  • A full in depth visual and mechanical assessment of the system with a record of any potential defects
  • A full Gas Safety Record showing any remedial tasks performed and any defects as well as any suggested remedial work to avoid failure of any potential parts.

Gas Boiler Service London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

CPS Gas employ a professional team of experienced and fully qualified gas, commercial gas and electrical compliance engineers providing all manners of commercial gas and electrical compliance services.

CPS Commercial Gas Services can help keep your business, staff and visitors safe by offering a range of commercial gas and electrical servicing and compliance products.

GasSafe registered Commercial and Catering gas engineers in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.