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Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Certificate

Specialists in Catering & LPG Gas Certificates:

We offer commercial gas safety certificates to catering establishments throughout Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.

Our catering engineers are Gas Safe registered and also highly experienced in providing LPG gas safe compliance certificate documents for mobile catering trailers and vans.

If you are a catering company within the South East who is operating commercial cooking equipment, it’s vital that your kitchen and outbuildings have up-to-date commercial gas safety certificates. Whether you’re an individual running a small business or large organisation with multiple sites, we can provide you with a certified commercial catering gas safety certificate.

Applying for a commercial gas safety certificate in the South East for your gas appliances has never been easier with CPS. Simply make a phone call on 0800 211 808 and we will send a gas safe registered engineer to your premises who is fully qualified and able to issue you with a commercial gas safety certificate at no cost.

When is a Gas Safe Compliance Certificate Required For A Commercial Premises?

If you are a landlord or operate a commercial enterprise where gas is used, you have a legal obligation to make sure your installation and appliances are safe. As a responsible person you can demonstrate this by having your premises Gas safety inspected regularly and in any case once a year by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

Starting and operating a commercial kitchen is no easy job. There are multiple things needed, such as a quality chef, staff and stock equipment. The most important part of a commercial kitchen is the licenses and getting a gas safety certificate. The government issues licenses and certificates after one has fulfilled certain conditions. The governing authority sends people to inspect your Commercial cooking area, and, whether it has met the stipulated ideals. A catering gas certificate is needed in every commercial kitchen. We will look at the process required for the certificate’s initial or renewal and the process involved in acquiring the credentials.

Our commercial catering engineers are full qualified to carry out a full gas safety check for your gas appliances. They will make sure you gas installation and appliances are safe and meet current standards adhering to gas safe register requirements. A CPS gas safe registered engineer will highlight any potential problems and issue the appropriate gas installation certificate of compliance for your gas appliances with official gas safety records provided.

Gas safety certificate records:

gas safety certificateAs the responsible person you are legally required to ensure the gas safety certificate records of your gas installation and appliances are up to date. In addition, you must make sure all areas where gas equipment is in operation are suitably ventilated. Call CPS Gas on 0800 211 8082 for your next gas safe compliance certificate inspection in Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, East or West Sussex or email graham@cpsgas.com.

It is important you keep your annual gas safety records available for inspection by your insurance company, Local authority officials, the Health and Safety executive and in the case of catering establishments environmental health inspectors.

Other services:

CPS offers many other services in addition to a gas safety check. These services include:

  • Commercial and Catering electrical and plumbing services, with all work carried out by qualified engineers.
  • Quality catering equipment supplied and installed.

Catering Gas Safety Certificates FAQs

Who can issue a gas certificate?

A gas certificate can only be issued by a qualified engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register. This is in accordance with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. It is important to note that a gas certificate can only be issued after all work has been inspected, tested and signed off by an engineer registered with the register. If in doubt, please contact us on 0800 211 8082 or email graham@cpsgas.com for further information.

Who needs a catering Gas safety Certificates?

The gas safety certificate for compliance is compulsory, issued annually by a listed gas engineer to cover the kitchen’s proper installation of gas appliances. A gas safety certificate is required if your business serves or supplies food using LPG, natural gas or other combustibles. The certificate lasts for one year from the date issued. It applies to all commercial kitchens such as Restaurants and Café, Fast foods and Take away shops, nursing homes, schools, and all other areas where there is food production.

Do all commercial kitchens require to have the certificate?

According to an act passed in the UK government, the Commercial gas certificate is necessary. The act was introduced in 2018 and was passed where every commercial and food production area must have a safety certificate and renewed annually.

What is the procedure of acquiring a gas safety compliance certificate?

The process of acquiring catering gas safety certificates is straightforward. One will book an appointment with a gas safety engineer, where if it is for new premises, they will install the devices, and it’s for renewing; they will check the condition and state they are in. After they have accorded everything to be in place, they will issue the gas safety compliance certificate.

Can I work without the catering gas safety certificate?

No, you cannot work without the catering gas safety certificate. The gas installation certificate is compulsory for all food production as it was put as a safety precaution to the public. If caught without the certificate, it might cause the commercial food store to be closed down by the government.

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