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Gas Interlock Systems

Gas Safety Interlock Systems – Repairs, Installation & Maintenance

CPS Gas provide gas interlock system repair and installation services across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent areas including parts of South London.

We are a company with a reputation for high quality work, along with outstanding customer service.

Gas interlock systems:

To comply with Health and Safety legislation all new kitchens and a majority of existing kitchens must by law be fitted with a Gas safety interlocking system.

Also if all your appliances do not have Flame Failure devices fitted you will also require a Gas proving device fitted.

Gas interlocks are to ensure gas fired cooking appliances cannot be used if the ventilation system is not operating correctly, this is to make sure the air your staff are breathing is safe and wholesome, The levels of carbon dioxide and deadly carbon monoxide are below the legally prescribed limits also the removal of any explosive unburnt gasses.

Why choose CPS?

Gas interlock systems can only be installed and maintained by qualified, certified gas engineers.
Our team of highly skilled commercial gas catering engineers are Gas Safe (previously CORGI) registered, so you can be sure they are fully qualified to carry out any installation, maintenance or repair work.

The system needs to be checked annually, by a qualified engineer. Our experienced engineers will carry out a comprehensive check of your system to ensure that it is working correctly, and give you peace of mind.

Other services:

CPS offers many other services in addition to the installation and maintenance of gas safety systems. These services include:

  • A range of commercial gas, electrical and plumbing services, with all work carried out by qualified engineers.
  • Installation and repair of appliances, including cookers, boilers and water heaters.

Contact us:

For more information on interlock safety systems or any of our services, please telephone 0800 211 8082, complete our online enquiry form or email graham@cpsgas.com.