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Gas Safe Mobile Catering Services

CPS Gas is a long established company, offering a comprehensive LPG Mobile catering appliance installation servicing and repair service to Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. We provide gas safety certificates to ensure compliance with current legislation. Our gas safe engineers always aim to give a first class service and we are well known for our outstanding customer service.

We provide professional catering equipment repairs and gas services to many businesses in all types of industries. Our gas engineers carry out work on all gas appliances. Arrange for one of our commercial catering engineer specialists to can carry out gas appliance servicing to gas cookers, gas fires/ stoves and gas hobs.

Mobile catering gas equipment:

It is a legal requirement for all mobile caterers to have their gas equipment checked, and certified, annually to ensure that it is safe to operate. These checks must be carried out by an engineer with the appropriate mall Gas Safe registered catering businesses across the UK.

Small and large caterers alike, can benefit from Gas Safe registered engineers for all their LPG appliance installation, servicing or repair services.

CPS Gas have many gas safe mobile commercial catering engineer specialists for LPG service, repair and installation. Contact CPS Gas for mobile catering certificates on 0800 211 808.

It is important to note that a gas safety certificate could be invalid if the checks are carried out by a person who does not have the necessary qualifications.

At CPS our Gas Safe mobile commercial catering engineer team are experienced in all aspects of LPG service, repair and installation.

They are registered to work on all types of mobile catering appliances including catering trailers and vans. As such, we are fully qualified to provide gas safety mobile catering certificates to your business.

We know that time is money, especially for small businesses, so we aim to carry out all LPG servicing and repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep downtime to a minimum. If your catering trailers, vans and mobile catering gas equipment requires servicing or a new gas safety certificate, contact CPS Gas on 0800 211 8082 or email graham@cpsgas.com.

Other Gas Catering services:

CPS Gas offers many other gas safe mobile commercial catering engineer services, in addition to LPG servicing and repairs, including:

  • Commercial and catering gas, LPG and electrical services. All work carried out by experienced, qualified gas catering engineer specialists.
  • Commercial gas and heating appliance annual inspections, servicing and repairs.
  • Installation and repair of heating systems.
  • Commercial water heating solutions.

What Can You Expect From CPS Gas?

commercial gas hobYour catering business is a worthwhile investment that needs a professional and competent technical team to handle the equipment.

You need the best commercial catering engineers to attend to the gas installation, repair and inspection. We are aware of the faults and damages that incompetence can cause.

Customer Service

The needs of our customers are our priority in service delivery. CPS Gas work on each client’s demands in an endeavour not only to meet but also exceed expectations. We listen and advise accordingly on installations, faults and repairs of gas appliances.

We do not wait for damages. Instead, our commercial catering engineer team considers your project on repairing equipment in time. We do that to save you from incurring further damages in future operations.

We prioritise your emergencies to avoid inconveniences to your business. We strive to ensure that no mechanical faults disrupt your daily operations.


We have a team of highly qualified commercial catering engineer specialists to diagnose faults in the shortest time possible. This allows for quick solutions, therefore, averting any loss that would result from the equipment failures. Diagnosis is a critical step in solving any issue, and when it is done on time, proper execution is undertaken promptly.

Our team of commercial catering engineer experts will ensure that your catering company meets the recommended catering standards from the government through proper installation of the gas, salamander, fryers, grills and all other catering appliances that you need installed under the guidelines of GSIUR1998.

Our commercial catering engineers are registered gas safe professionals who have excellent skills and expertise to conduct the required maintenance of the gas equipment. The appliances used also meet the necessary standards for consumer use.

Budget Estimates

Our prices are reasonable, affordable as well as the most competitive in the market. We provide you with the exact costs projected as soon as an assessment of the equipment is done.

We also supply kitchen and general catering equipment and appliances at the most competitive price.

Other Technical Services

The gas safety interlocking system is an essential component for the catering appliances. It should be up to standard in every commercial kitchen. We offer repairs as well as make new installations.

You always need to ensure that there is a balance between the mechanical and the natural ventilation system. Lack of this balance may cause a fault in between, which may result in a greater challenge to the supply of gas.

The catering industry has to adhere to the regulations of gas safety. As such, hiring proficient catering engineers helps them to meet the required standards. As a reputable company, we make sure that there is the proper installation of equipment, adequate functioning of the already existing facilities as well as regular and timely maintenance.

Ensure you get catering equipment services from qualified and licensed commercial catering engineer experts. We are available all round the clock for emergencies, repairs, technical advice, and any other related queries. Give us a call today on 0800 211 8082; we guarantee excellent and satisfactory service.

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If you require more information on mobile catering certificates or any of our other services, please telephone 0800 211 8082, complete our online enquiry form or email graham@cpsgas.com.