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Getting A Commercial Gas Installation Certificate

Getting A Commercial Gas Installation Certificate

CPS Gas provides commercial, landlord and new building gas safety certificates at a reasonable cost. We operate throughout Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, UK. Order your commercial gas installation certificate with CPS Gas today and we will ensure that your gas appliances are properly installed and in compliance with gas safety regulations.

commercial gas cateringIf you are selling your premises or having gas appliances installed by another gas service engineer in the near future, it is important to make sure that the gas installation certificate is up to date before you do so.

We can offer gas service checks and gas fitters tests for less than most other companies with convenient appointment times available for when you need our services. Why wait weeks when we can issue out gas fitters test certification within 24 hours? If you need to be issued with an annual gas appliance test, once again we can provide this quickly. We have gas engineers servicing in Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

What do you need to do to get a gas installation certificate?

A Gas Safety Certificate (also known as a CP12) is required for any property with a gas supply that has been legalised. In order to obtain the certificate, all of the following equipment must be tested by a gas safe qualified engineer: a boiler, cook/hob and fireplace. It is necessary for all commercial structures to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate. There are gas safety regulations that require gas installations to be maintained in a safe condition. We at CPS gas provide a gas installation certificate, which provides a detailed plan of the appliances and their gas supply pipework within a property. This includes the flue pipe size and location as well as appliance dimensions – all details that have been audited by ourselves to ensure they are safe for continued use. The gas installation certificate will only be issued after all gas appliances have been tested and approved safe for use by an authorised gas engineer.

Why do you need to get your Gas Installation Certificate?

In order to rent out or transfer any commercial property with gas supply there is a legal requirement from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for gas engineers to provide gas installation certificates. This ensures gas safety for the occupants of the property and gives peace of mind that gas appliances within commercial properties are in an operational condition that does not pose a risk.

Where we carry out gas testing, our gas engineer will complete a gas installation certificate and provide it to you. The gas installation certificate is valid for one year from when it has been issued so you don’t need an additional inspection every time, unless specified by your local council or HSE.

To find out more about our commercial gas installation certificate services, call CPS Gas today on 0800 211 8082 or email graham@cpsgas.com.

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