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Why You Need Your Gas Appliances Checking
14 May

Why You Need Your Gas Appliances Checking

To stay safe when using gas appliances, it is important to have your appliances checked regularly by Gas Safe registered engineers. A regular annual checkup can save you the risks of getting poisoned by carbon monoxide gas that leads to many health complications. To ensure that all household and commercial appliances that run on gas work smoothly, a regular safety check and a yearly service of the appliances is required.

Reasons why your gas appliances need to be serviced

If you are operating a commercial kitchen or any gas catering equipment, you should be on the lookout for any these gas danger signs, then call a Gas Safe registered engineer for a safety check.

  • If the gas appliances are burning with a dull yellow flame, then the appliance needs a checkup. A normal flame for all gas appliances is a steady blue flame.
  • If you notice the appliances are not working as usual, then you need to call a Gas Safety Registered engineer from CPS Gas for a safety check.
  • If you see regular black stains around your gas appliance, then it is important to have your appliance checked.

Importance of complying with gas-related Health and Safety Regulations

In any household or commercial premises that use any gas appliances, are required by law to have the gas appliances checked to avoid any health complications. All landlords, hotels, and schools are required by law to comply with the health and safety regulations, by having a regular safety check.

When a gas appliance is not fitted correctly, wrongly repaired, or is poorly maintained, it is likely to produce carbon monoxide gas. The gas is very dangerous to a person’s health and when inhaled for a long time, could lead to brain damage or even death. A regular safety check will save you from the health complications that are brought by faulty appliances.

Faulty gas appliances can cause gas leaks which can lead to explosions. If you smell gas, quickly call a Gas Safe Registered engineer from CPS Gas to check all your appliances for leakages.

When you call our CPS Gas engineers for a safety check, they will inspect the following

  • They will check if your appliance is burning gas completely to avoid the production of carbon monoxide.
  • The air supply of your appliance is sufficient enough and the ventilation is sufficient.
  • The appliance is fitted securely, and the gas pipe is working properly
  • The chimneys, gas pipes and flues will be checked if they are clear of any blockages.

Gas Safe registered engineers from CPS Gas will correct any faulty gas appliances, as well as ensure that all gas appliances are in line with the set safety standards.

Benefits of Choosing CPS Gas

For all your catering equipment repairs, installations and maintenance services, you should choose CPS Gas. Our services are:

  • Gas Safe registered for quality control
  • We have a team of qualified engineers
  • We guarantee you quality services for all your gas appliances
  • We have covered a wide range of clients