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The Different Types Of Catering Equipment
03 Jun

The Different Types Of Catering Equipment

Catering is a huge industry, with many different types of catering equipment. Here are some common items you may encounter at a catered event:

Catering Equipment Types

  • The food truck – A mobile kitchen on wheels that can cater to any location, and often has its own generator for power.
  • The buffet table – Perfect for serving guests who want to serve themselves from the variety of available foods. This type of catering furniture can have multiple levels or sections, which make it perfect for large groups!
  • Dishwasher – Clean dishes can be a hassle, but with catering equipment like this it won’t be an issue.
  • The oven – A necessary piece of catering equipment for anyone who wants to cook food on-site!
  • The deep fryer – One of the most important pieces in any kitchen. Whether you’re frying up some fresh seafood or making classic French fries, this machine is essential for preparing foods that need a crispy outer layer and soft inner layer.
  • The grill/broiler panini press – Perfect for cooking sandwiches at your next event! You’ll have fun flipping them over by hand until they are crisp and browned on both sides. This type of catering equipment will save time as well because there’s no need to flip anything when using one.

Equipment for Preparing Food

The catering equipment that you use can make or break your event. The food preparation part of any function is reliant on the right commercial catering gas appliance to produce appetising dishes and desserts for guests or customers. CPS Gas can ensure your commercial gas catering equipment is in good working order and provide the catering equipment for your next event.

We will ensure your food preparation equipment is well serviced, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to focus on the other aspects of your event and make sure every customer leaves satisfied.

Our gas catering engineeers will take care of your commercial gas catering equipment for all future events as well. Your visitors will always want to be able to have a good meal at an important function; if not, it tarnishes the entire evening’s experience. This is why catering equipment should never be overlooked or taken for granted when planning a large-scale event like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries – even going out with friends! It doesn’t matter who is doing the cooking because everyone loves cooked food but ensuring that there are no errors in how it was prepared will result in nothing but rave reviews and repeat customers.