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Who Can Carry Out Gas Safety Checks?
11 Jun

Who Can Carry Out Gas Safety Checks?

A Look At Who Can Actually Carry Out Gas Safety Checks

When installing a commercial catering appliance, it is imperative that a Gas Safe registered engineer conducts all checks.

This is a legal requirement in the UK, pursuant to the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998. This piece of legislation sets out the rules and regulations as they apply to gas fittings, meters and regulators, installation pipework, gas appliances and maintenance, together with duties imposed on landlords and employers.

Failure to comply with the regulations can result in prosecution.

Is a Gas Safe registered engineer required to carry out fittings?

As well as checking the appliance, you will also need a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit the appliance. You may use a plumber to carry out ‘wet work’ only, for example, installation of water pipes for an appliance to connect to. The installation of the appliance itself must be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

How do I know if my engineer is Gas Safe?

All Gas Safe engineers are registered on the Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe registered engineers should carry a Gas Safe ID card with them, which will confirm their registration and detail which area of gas they are certified to work in. It is recommended that you verify their registration online and check their Gas Safe ID card if you meet the engineer in person.

Engineers at CPS Gas are Gas Safe registered

All engineers at CPS Gas are Gas Safe registered engineers. Call us today on 0800 211 8082 to be connected to our professional team of Gas Safe mobile catering engineers and you can be sure that your gas appliances will be fitted correctly and checked safely and properly, in accordance with the regulations.

If you are a landlord, owner of commercial property or a commercial caterer, we are here to help ensure your gas appliances are fully fitted and checked. Our professional engineers can issue certificates of compliance provided applicable standards are met, let you know if there are any problems with your existing appliances and help you address these.

Our comprehensive service means that, as well as gas safety checks, we have a team of qualified professional engineers available to provide the following services to our commercial and catering clients:

  • Electrical services;
  • Plumbing services;
  • Mobile catering appliance installations and repairs;
  • Supply and installation of quality catering equipment.

For more information about how you can call out one of our gas engineers today, the full range of services provided and the areas we serve, please call us at CPS Gas on 0800 211 8082.