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How Often Should Your Commercial Catering Systems Be Checked
09 Jan

How Often Should Your Commercial Catering Systems Be Checked

The catering industry faces numerous challenges on a regular basis and it is for this reason that in-house systems should be checked frequently for any faults.

What are some of the reasons why such targeted maintenance is required and what are some of the benefits that your firm can expect to enjoy when working in conjunction with a certified LPG gas engineer? If you hope to enjoy superior levels of efficiency and in-house reliability, the answers to this question should be addressed in greater detail.

A Look at Commercial Catering System Maintenance Requirements

From a general standpoint, any commercial LPG system needs to be inspected on an annual basis by an engineer certified through the Gas Safe scheme. This is intended to detect and prevent any problems that might be present (and potentially undetectable by staff members). There are several reasons why this recommendation needs to be taken seriously:

  • Inspections can help to prevent serious incidents such as fires and explosions.
  • They are able to detect if any carbon monoxide is present.
  • These inspections will ensure that staff members are working within a comfortable and safe environment.

Additional Reasons Behind Timely Inspections

It is important to highlight the additional benefits associated with utilising the services of professional gas engineers in London. While there is no doubt that modern commercial catering equipment is built to last, it needs to be properly maintained if you hope to make the most out of your investment.

Valves, filters, hoods, pipes, and similar types of equipment must be examined in order that they are functioning properly. Not only can this be difficult to determine by in-house personnel, but many of these actions need to be carried out by qualified experts.

Leveraging the Power of Experience

Whether you have just opened a catering establishment or your business has existed for years, the fact of the matter is that regular servicing and maintenance should always be taken seriously. This is why a growing number of businesses throughout London are utilising the options provided by CPS Gas.

We boast an unparalleled level of experience within the industry and you can remain confident that only the most modern evaluation methods will be employed. Safety is always a concern within the workplace and we are here to help.

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