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What Gas Safety Checks Do You Need For Mobile Catering Trailers?
18 Dec

What Gas Safety Checks Do You Need For Mobile Catering Trailers?

There are many challenges facing the mobile catering industry and safety is one of the most important concerns. Gas safety checks are particularly relevant, as failing to adhere to legal guidelines can place your business at risk.

Are Gas Safety Checks Needed?

What types of gas safety checks will you be required to perform and what does the law say in regards to your responsibilities? The answers to both of these questions should be examined in greater detail.

Legal Guidelines

There are a few main concepts to recognise in regards to obtaining a Gas Safe certificate. The key takeaway points are:

  • All LPG devices made after 1995 must be certified under CE regulations.
  • A flame failure device must be present in the event that a flame is extinguished (to prevent to release of excess gas).
  • All staff members must be properly trained in regards to dealing with LPG equipment as well as the relevant safety procedures.
  • All mobile catering equipment must be regularly examined by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

Failing to adhere to any of these regulations could result in fines as well as potentially dangerous situations.

Your Gas Safety Checklist

Not withstanding the stipulations mentioned above, there are a handful of steps which can be taken in order to ensure that your mobile catering equipment is functioning safely at all times. For example, it is wise to obtain a risk assessment on a regular basis to determine if any requirements may have changed or been updated. Other suggestions include:

  • Never store LPG cylinders within close proximity to open flames.
  • Do not use worm drive hose clips, as these can damage hoses and connections (crimped connectors are better options).
  • Be absolutely certain that all employees have received the proper amount of safety training in advance.

Please note that official safety checks should be carried out on a yearly basis. It is also wise to obtain an assessment if you have recently upgraded any equipment.

Safety is the Responsibility of Everyone

Gas safety checks need to be taken very seriously and there is little room for error. This is why it is important to contact CPS Gas if you have any concerns. Our professional engineers are fully capable of performing certified assessments; critical if you hope to keep your catering business running smoothly.